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Ориентир: станция метро «Минор»
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Conversation/Debate club being one of the most popular clubs of JUST consists of two parts: CONVERSATION ENGLISH CLUB (paid) and Conversation Club (Sunday). First club concentrates on development of the verbal speech and all related aspects of it. Lessons are conducted exclusively in English and only orally! Different real life simulations, lectures, seminars, discussions of general and subject-related topics and debates are targeted to considerably improve the speaking abilities of participants. Lessons are held three times a week, 1 hour 40 minutes each. 

Sunday Conversation Club is free of charge and available only for the participants of courses in JUST Education Centre. The club is held in English language and recommends participants to be at least pre-intermediate so as to effectively take part in the hot and hard talk. Themes include not seen cases from the world news, different subjects or just discussions that will be interesting for the group of people to held. Students must register ahead, prior to the event with a limited number of participants of 25 people each time. 

                                           Movie club

Besides having an amazing variety of Movies in English, JUST offers its participants Movie Club as a part of Sunday activities. Unlike other clubs, Movie club has a special registration for a week ahead and only the first 25 people registered for the upcoming event will be able to watch a Movie in English language. Participants will also have a chance to vote for specific offers that might be then shown in the next coming event. 

Reading Club

Reading club is one of the most helpful ones as well. Participants of JUST will have a special privelege to come for Sunday Reading club and not just read a very ineresting text in English, but increase and improve their vocabulary, get acquainted with important news, interesting trivia and just the classics of the world literature! Facilitator will help students to understand the theme of the text and interpret the difficult ones. Reading club also has a registration and limited seats for only 20 students each week.

Teachers Club

This is a special Club available for the Teachers of JUST only. From time to time JUST will invite special guests to deliver courses for our Teachers and will have special events that will aim to improve team work, synergy and perspectives of our personnel. Teachers will be notified prior to the event by the administration.

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